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GrassGreener Group™  have been recruiting within the wider Aggregates processing market, with specific expertise in capital equipment, for over 15 years

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John Kupse
Managing Consultant
GrassGreener Aggregates

John Kupse leads our Aggregates division and has been recruiting within the Aggregates Industry for fast approaching 25 years.

Holding vast industry knowledge, you can be confident that John is quick to understand the unique challenges and dynamics of your business, allowing for a speedy and precise understanding of the requirements no matter your size.  Whether you’re a small family-owned firm, a mid-sized SME, or a large corporate.


The GrassGreener Aggregates team has developed a reputation for successfully filling “hard to fill” roles in an expedient fashion, whilst never compromising on quality. That said, hiring a candidate is one thing but, ensuring they are the right fit, and stay for the long-haul, is just as important. As such, GrassGreener Aggregates now offers an industry-leading replacement policy of up to 2 years – that’s how confident we are that what we do works.


To find out how John and his team can help you find and more importantly RETAIN the right people, leading to an overall reduction in your recruitment spend, please get in touch.

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“I have worked with GrassGreener Group for a few years now. I get a very personalized service from them and they listen to my needs so that wasted time is minimized. I have found the use of video technology particularly useful as I often recruit for international postings. Nevertheless, the strongest point about this company stems from its people. They are well organised, very proactive, communicate clearly and often and in the end have a good track record of delivering the right candidates for me. I would highly recommend GrassGreener to anyone looking for a recruitment partner who can give a highly specialised and personalised service.”

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Over 96% of placements made with our i-intro® platform are still in situ after 12 months.
Retention is by far the cheapest form of recruitment.